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Profitable Outcome Podcast

Founder And host of the Profitable Outcome Podcast, as a business owner himself, had an interest in meeting other smart business owners and fascinating entrepreneurs. When he started to reach out to these people and started talking to them, he realized others needed to hear their stories too.

Dec 12, 2015

We talked with Damien McClinton on my podcast, Why Is It Important To Learn CPR And First Aid.  To have the tools to save a life is incredible and everyone should have the tools to help someone that needs...

Nov 16, 2015

Since 92% of homebuyers begin their search online for a new home—photos—what people see about your home—can make or break your success. This is why we hire THE BEST photographer in town, the award-winning Curtis Staiger. What he can do with a camera is incredible. I’m always thrilled when I see other agents out...

Nov 9, 2015

We talked with Theresa Lobraco on my podcast on how it is so important to stage your home when selling...

Nov 2, 2015

We are talking today with my friend who I have known for over 40 years.  Dan Pietroske, Business Owner of Association Application Group which serves the non-for profit community and educational organizations in the Chicago Land Area.  Dan shows businesses How To Use Technology For Your Business.